Politics Make Barbra Streisand So Fat

Politics Make Barbra Streisand So Fat
Barbra Streisand (Kevin Mazur)

Everyone has different ways of reacting to stress. Americans are not satisfied with the government taking a variety of ways to deal with it.

Many women are turning to yoga. Another woman chose to engage all the things that they like. Stress political turbulence, actress Lena Dunham claimed to be losing their appetite. Instead, the senior actress and singer Barbra Streisand just finished eating a lot because of stress.

Streisand has long been known for liberal views and more than once recognize the new president makes him frustrated.

Twitter upload full in the political comments, there is one striking his twit. On a Saturday, Streisand writes that the 45th president was making up a few kilograms of weight, because eating because of stress.

In social media, he writes, "Donald Trump made my riding weight. I started breakfast with fluid but after news of the morning, I eat pancakes covered in maple syrup." Upload was retweeted more than five million times and received more than 21 million like.

A person can feel the stress when the entire timeline in social media filled with heated debate about politics.

If you have a problem like Streisand, handle the first step is to identify the problem as conducted himself in social media.

Searching for a definite reason why we so wanted to spend one bag of potato chips or a stack of pancakes. By doing so we will be more able to control the diet.
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