3 Ways to Back soundly After Midnight Awakening

3 Ways to Back soundly After Midnight Awakening

3 Ways to Back soundly After Midnight Awakening
- For some people, it could go back to sleep quickly when awakened in the middle of the night is a difficult thing. However, three in this way can make you go back to sleep quickly.

Waking up at night and difficult to sleep again potentially make your sleep quality decreases. Especially if you are the type of person who is difficult to close her eyes after waking from sleep.

In fact, lack of sleep has been associated with many risks, such as the inability to focus, potential driving accidents due to drowsiness, to the unbridled emotion.

The good news, sleep experts gave several tips that you can try to be not too long awake at midnight.

Remain in bed

Sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus, author of The Power of When, revealed that the key is to remain a quick nap on the bed, right under your blanket, although the eye was not sleepy.

Even if you are tempted to empty the bladder, if not completely full, staying in bed is the right choice.

Because, if you leave the bed and moving, heart rate is increased, because it must pump more blood throughout the body. In fact, a low heart rate is a key to fast sleep.

Do not look at the clock

Dr. Breus says, if you put a clock in the bedroom, put the hours in that little hard to see, such as on the side table. Thus, when you wake up at night, you can decide to not see the clock at all.

Therefore, the viewing habits midnight waking hours can make the brain alert, because time is getting closer to morning.

Good, in order to calm the mind go back to sleep, and let that do his job alarm to wake you up on time.

Take a deep breath 3 times

US sleep expert Dr. Andrew Weil says deep breathing can help you fall asleep in less than one minute.

This technique helps to calm the mind and relax the muscles by allowing the body to take in more oxygen, the nervous system becomes more relaxed and promoting a state of calm.
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