Is it Hard to Get Up in the Morning? It Could be Genetic Influences

Is it Hard to Get Up in the Morning? It Could be Genetic Influences
Image: Men's Health

The scientists found that 1 out of 75 people have a genetic mutation that makes them always difficult to get up in the morning.

For some people, wake up and get out of bed in the morning is a very difficult thing.

Previous studies revealed that each person tends to have different groups, namely "the morning" and "evening".

Those included a morning person are those who tend to be more productive in the morning, while the nights are those who are more comfortable doing the job at noon until night.

However, new research reveals, there is a scientific explanation of why some people can not get up and work in the morning like most people.

Researchers have identified what is called a genetic mutation, which seems able to explain why some people can last until late at night and difficulty waking up in the morning.

Gene mutation CRY1 rated researchers slowing the body's internal biological clock that dictates when you feel sleepy at night and be ready to get up early. Individuals with this gene variant had a different biological clock.

Professor Michael Young, who led the US team from The Rockefeller University who made the discovery said, "Compared with other mutations have been associated with sleep disorders, this is enough genetic changes that impact."

This mutation was diagnosed with delayed sleep phase disorder (DSPD). Characteristics, the person feel energetic at a time after most others had fallen asleep, and DSPD patients have difficulties to move in the morning.

When forced to get up early, they can experience a full day of insomnia and fatigue.

Prof Young said many patients DSPD able to control their sleep cycle by following a strict schedule.

"As with smoking, there are therapies that we can do to assist this genetic problem before resorting to medication. If you or a relative of a challenge to keep office hours or at school, immediately consult a sleep expert to get appropriate therapy, "he said.
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