Trump Will Cut Taxes and Remove Health Insurance "Obamacare"

Trump Will Cut Taxes and Remove Health Insurance "Obamacare"

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Trump Will Cut Taxes and Remove Health Insurance "Obamacare" - American President Donald Trump hopes to significantly increase his military budget.

He also hopes to cut spending and taxes drastically, also revoke and replace health insurance services initiated by former President Barack Obama.

Trump revealed it in the presence of state governors who gathered at the White House on Monday (2/27/2017) local time.

The President also admitted that he will focus attention on the budget plan, which will be released this weekend.

Trump promised to discuss the plan Tuesday in remarks to a joint session of Congress.

He also said his budget would prioritize the safety and security of the country.

Trump said, "This will be a budget for public safety and national security, based on two things, although there are many other things, but the emphasis is very strong there".

"And that includes a tremendous rise in the defense budget to rebuild a weak US military at a time of great need".

"You will hear about this in detail tomorrow night, this is an important event, a message to the world, in dangerous times, about US strength, security, and determination".

The president will ask for a defense spending increase of up to 54 billion dollars.

Trump also assesses the Obama Insurance Service Act, often called "Obamacare", as "a failure". He will cancel and replace it.

The law has long been denounced Republicans because all Americans are required to buy health insurance. Otherwise, they are subject to fines.

The recent Presidential Decree to act tougher against some 11 million illegal immigrants, including the threat to reduce federal funds billions of dollars.

The reduction may apply to cities that protect immigrants and limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities.

Trump's plan includes authorizing local law enforcement officials to act as immigration agents.

In an interview with the VOA, some governors say they want to see newly arrived immigrants and refugees coming to the United States to organize a new life.

They also emphasize that everyone should be treated with love and in a natural way, while the law is enforced.

According to the Chairman of the National Governors Association, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat member, Trump's new steps are immoral and illegal.

To the VOA, McAuliffe said that immigrants and refugees are safe in Virginia.

He said, "We want people to come, we want you to start a business and raise children and have a good quality of life".

"In Virginia, we will protect all basic civil and basic civil rights and civil rights", said McAuliffe.

But during a dinner with Trump, McAuliffe leads the governors, saying "We want to work with you to achieve a common goal".

He said, "Adding jobs, improving health care, and education and improving the country's deteriorating infrastructure".
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