Why Some People Easily Sweat Much?

Why Some People Easily Sweat Much?
Why Some People Easily Sweat Much? - Easy to sweat a lot even though there was the sport, it is not because of your gender is male.

Symptoms of excessive sweating are generally characterized by convenient wet clothes despite the new exercise for 5 minutes, walk a few steps sweat was already out, or computer keyboard to be a bit wet from the palms that emit a lot of sweat.

According to new research published in the journal Experimental Physiology, a lot or a little sweat that comes out has nothing to do with gender. So, what causes very excessive sweating?

According to general science, sweat it out when the body tries to cool the temperature. However, the researchers tried to find out what causes the body to release more sweat.

Thus, in this study researchers looked at the habits of sweat on 36 men and 24 women in two trials of different tests.

In the first, participants were asked to complete an exercise bike light at a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius with 36% humidity for 45 minutes.

In the second part, they cycled under the same conditions in the moderate intensity.

Interestingly enough, after involving the temperature and activity factors, the researchers found that gender does not determine how much you sweat, but the shape and size of the one that affects the body.

In other words, it does not mean that people who sweat more because they are men but because of the shape and size of the larger body.

Men and women with the shape and size of a smaller body will generally dissipate heat from the body through increased circulation.

"Meanwhile, the individual with the shape and size of the larger body will cool the body by way of sweat," said the researcher.

Achieving a healthy weight can be a way to reduce excessive sweating. However, when sweat still many out even if you do not there is a problem with weight, talk to a dermatologist to see if the extreme perspiration leads to disorders hyperhidrosis.

Although no cause serious health problems, such conditions can certainly affect the activity of even confident.
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