5 This Attitude Improves Men's Quality of Life

5 This Attitude Improves Men's Quality of Life
5 This Attitude Improves Men's Quality of Life - A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that some attitudes that make men feel successful in life are not innate, but can be cultivated and "cultivated" like bonsai trees.

Research involving more than 8,000 men and women aged 40 years and over is found, that attitudes such as optimism can be learned and play an important role in health and happiness.

Here are 5 other attitudes that need to be made to improve the quality of life:

1. Responsible and reliable.

When a man is able to do a good job so that he can be relied upon for family or colleagues, this condition can improve the welfare and happiness. It will also make a man feel successful in both work and life.

2. Optimism.

Researchers judge that the high optimism can be measured by two questions answered correctly by the participants, namely: 1. "I feel that life is full of opportunities", and 2. "I feel that my future looks good".

That way, men will be easier in achieving the targets in his life.

3. Strong determination.

Less than 21% of participants in the study always had a strong determination to do something. This is the rarest nature of the 5 lifestyles set by the study.

Nevertheless, researchers think that strong will is something that must be had. Generally, the greater the support of the family or the nearest person, the higher the determination the man has.

4. Emotional stability.

More than 30% of participants are classified as stable emotional owners, able to remain calm under pressure and try to be optimistic in the face of challenging situations. This attitude will generally bring more prosperity to men's health.

5. Have control.

To assess how participants have control, they are asked to express how strongly they feel about the statement". At home, I feel I have control over most situations". As a result, about 41% of the participants had strong controls in the family.
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