5 Unusual Injuries That Can Happen During Sex

5 Unusual Injuries That Can Happen During Sex
5 Unusual Injuries That Can Happen During Sex - Sex that should be a fun activity can turn into a nightmare when even causing injury. Because the conditions that accompany the couple also vary, then the injury suffered can vary.Starting from a bloody blister to a broken penis several have been reported to occur when making love.What other unusual injuries can happen during lovemaking? Here are some examples as quoted from various sources:

1. Stroke

Stroke is a serious condition that is usually caused by blockage or rupture of blood vessels in the brain. But sometimes this is known can also occur during lovemaking, especially when doing betta.

A teenager in Mexico for example reportedly died after getting a hick from a boyfriend. Why this can happen according to the doctor because the strong suction on the artery area in the neck can make blood cells clot that then carried up to the brain.

When the blood clot is blocked then a person at high risk of stroke.

2. Broken ribs

Probably because of the excitement of the incidence of broken ribs have been reported to occur when couples are making love. The excess pressure placed on the partner's chest becomes the reason why the ribs can break.

British artist Leslie Ash is one example of individuals who claim to have experienced this. He experienced it while making love with her husband Lee Chapma who is also a football athlete.

3. The penis is broken

Although not boned, the penis can also be broken. There are several cases that have been documented in the study calling a male genitalia fracture or fracture. The cause is because too much maneuver when making love.

Penis fracture or penile fracture is rare, but this condition can really happen. In 2001, there were recorded about 1,331 cases of penile fracture have been reported that began in 1935.

Penile fracture occurs because there is a traumatic pressure on the corpus cavernousum, the cylinder layer of the penis. Corpus cavernousum contains erection-like sponge-like erection tissue during erection.

4. Cut nails

Many women unknowingly scratch their spouses during sex, especially when they reach orgasm. If only a small scratch can be cured by using body lotion or moisturizer, but if the wound is recommended to use disinfectant.

To prevent similar incidents from occurring it is recommended that the individual keeps his nails short and neat.

5. The foreign object is stuck

According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), the United States, from 2009 to 2014 there were 450 sex injuries that involved involving 'caught' foreign objects.

Objects are meant for example from vibrator sex toys, screwdrivers, vacuum cleaners, to pencils. From data collected by Flowingdata known three-quarters of patients who visit hospitals with foreign objects is male.

"We see many cases like this: Patients like to come late and sometimes even if they do not come for days, the longer you wait, you can get sepsis (fatal-ed infection)," said Dr. Robert Glatter of Lenox Hill Hospital.
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