Drug Resistant Bacteria Become the Biggest Health Threat

Drug resistant bacteria become the biggest health threat
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Drug Resistant Bacteria Become the Biggest Health Threat - Some diseases have become the global terror for a long time, namely cancer, HIV / AIDS, and heart disease. But there are new threats that are considered more dangerous, namely antibiotic resistance.

Previous infectious disease a major health problem in many countries with remote areas and do not have access to good treatment. But after the discovery of antibiotics, infectious diseases are no longer a major cause of death.

Unfortunately, the irrational use of antibiotics creates new problems arise, namely antibiotic resistance.

Alias antibiotic resistance of germs and bacteria that are no longer immune to the drug is expected to be the leading cause of death in cancer beyond 2050.

Type of drug-resistant infections, including new strains of E. coli, malaria and tuberculosis, has killed 700,000 people this year. But the figure could rise to 10 million if no concrete action to address this problem.

Not only a cause of death but also spent a huge health budget. According to reports the Review on Antimicrobial Resistance, health care costs due to antibiotic resistance could reach 100 billion US dollars each year.

The report also stressed the danger of the use of antibiotics in agriculture. Such practices should be reduced or banned altogether.

The concern should be the consciousness of many, considering we have not had the latest antibiotics more effective.

"Most of the consumption of antibiotics in many countries even in animals, not humans. This would create a risk of resistance in every person, let alone there have been reports from China on drug resistance colistin, an antibiotic the last generation that is widely used in animals", said Jim O ' Neill, author of the report.

The experts involved in the study agreed also a necessary limitation of the level of antibiotics that may be used per kilogram of animal meat.

Another danger to watch is pollution, antimicrobial residual waste discharged into the water and increase the risk of resistance.
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