Drinking Wine Can Make More Smart?

Drinking Wine Can Make More Smart?
Image: fox25boston
There is good news for you men who love to drink wine. A recent study concluded that drinking wine can make you smarter.

Neuroscientist study was conducted by Yale School of Medicine and Gordon M. Shepherd, author Neuroenology: How the Brain Creates the Taste of Wine.

Shepherd found flavors present in wine, involves the human brain.

To that end, he also pointed out that when tasting wine, will involve a lot of motor actions. As is the case at the time of inhaling the aroma, then sipped and swallowed the wine.

Well, when you do these things, at the same wine actually helps to keep the senses engaged.

More importantly, when to drink wine, your brain is also necessary to create a sense at the time to enjoy the wine.

"The molecules in the wine do not have the flavor or aroma, but when the wine stimulates our brain, the brain creates a sense in the same way as creating color," says Shepherd.

He went on, believe it or not, these activities can reap significant benefits for brain activity is more than academic.

Therefore, any wine lovers now have a reason to enjoy the wine and knew that after drinking wine, they get other benefits.
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