Men Should Eat After Sports

Men Should Eat After Sports - New research found we were able to burn fat without excessive exercise. We just need to change the meal time, before or after exercise, we can burn 22 percent more fat.

However, there is a time difference between men and women eat. Men burn more fat if you exercise before eating. Women should exercise after a meal.
Men Should Eat After Sports
This experiment is shown in the BBC show Trust Me I'm A Doctor. As part of the experiment, Dr. Adam Collins of the University of Surrey recruited 30 volunteers consisting of 13 men and 17 women who every day do not exercise.

For four weeks they took part in three classes a week, a high-intensity training class, zumba and bike classes. They all consume the drinks before and after class. But some placebo drink with no calories. Other volunteers who consumed drinks with calorie-controlled carbohydrate.

This allows Dr. Collins tested the effects of eating carbohydrates before and after exercise. At the beginning and end of their experiment to test how much fat is burned volunteers, as well as body weight, waist circumference, blood sugar and blood fat.

In fact, women burn more fat than men. Women who eat carbohydrates before exercise to burn more fat to 22 percent.

On the other hand, men burn less fat overall. They were given a carbohydrate after exercise to burn eight percent more fat.

This study suggests men should eat after exercise to maximize fat burning. While women should eat before exercise.

This is due to men are more muscular and carbohydrates stored in muscle. According to Dr. Collins, carbohydrates are the body's fuel of choice. If they eat before exercise, they store the carbohydrates are in the muscles. Therefore they do not switch to burn fat.

"He will get a better effect if they exercise more quickly due to stress on the muscles to burn more energy to muscles burn fat", he said. Then when they eat after exercise, they replace the carbohydrates stored in muscle.

A woman's body, on the other hand, are programmed to burn fat in order to store carbohydrates in the body. "Women have more fat in the hips, buttocks, and stomach, the release of fatty acids into the blood better, also hormonal differences that mean better and more efficient in storing glucose from carbohydrates and fat burning", he said.

"This may be an evolutionary advantage associated with pregnancy. If a woman is better to regulate the fuel, they have excess glucose to be shared with the fetus", he added.

For women, the most common fat burning three hours after quitting the sport. Eat up to one and a half hours can actually stop a woman's body in burning fat.

"With the meal, we force the body uses carbohydrates. You blunt fat burning process. If a woman wants to maximize fat burning, they should wait at least 90 minutes after exercise to eat. So do not jump breakfast after exercise", he said.

He said that is capable of changing the metabolic versatility of burning glucose and fat is the key to good health. "Most of us are overweight metabolically less flexible. They continue to burn glucose and never switch to burn fat", he explained.

"Exercise is healthy because it makes the muscle stress and forces him to become better in fuel management and change between glucose and fat burning. You can arrange food and nutrition is better because you have the ability to change between carbohydrate and fat burning", he said.
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