Why Running Does Not Help Lose Weight?

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Why Running Does Not Help Lose Weight? - We are often advised to exercise, especially running to erode the fat in our stomach. But some people who followed the advice, after a routine run for several months, turned out to be as heavy and cluttered as before. What is wrong?

Unfortunately, despite improving heart health, strengthening bones and muscles, and adding fitness, running is not a magic that makes people instantly become slim. Well if your goal is a thinner body, then there are some things that may be your fault and should be fixed.

(images: White Rock) - Most people feel they have burned many calories after running, so do not feel guilty when eating more food than usual. Though 30 minutes running is not worth the cheeseburger, soda drinks and a packet of fries.

"Here's the mistake. When looking at the number of calories burned on a treadmill or app, we feel it deserves to return the same amount through the food, "says diet therapist Kim Feeney. "In addition, cardio exercises are starving us, so we unknowingly eat what we eat more than we burn."

Imagine this, you burn 100 calories for every kilometer you traveled. So every 5 miles you burn 500 calories. Then you eat fried rice or fried noodles that you think calories are not how. Though the food contains at least 700 calories. No wonder instead of being slim, your stomach is even more distended.

You rest for too long

Our body needs recovery after exercise. But some people take breaks too long by not doing anything. Someone running for example on Saturday, then lazing all weekend. He may burn a certain number of calories while running, but for the next 48 hours the calories burned may be less than if he were doing other activities such as a picnic or a walk to the mall.

Instead of sleeping as a form of recovery, it is better if we do light or moderate physical activity, such as washing the car, walking casually, or mowing the grass. That way, the body can recover, while still burning excess calories.

Our bodies quickly adjust

Another thing that makes the goal more difficult to achieve is because our bodies easily adapt so that makes our business lighter. Maybe in the first week of running, the body is still shocked and needs more energy to complete the activity. But in the following weeks, the body has adjusted so that the running activity is not as heavy as before.

Biologically our body has the ability to adjust to repetitive movements so that the number of calories burned for a business will be smaller. So if you routinely run, then the calories burned the body will be less from time to time.
Why Running Does Not Help Lose Weight?
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Fortunately, how to outsmart it is quite simple. We simply modify the exercise so that the body is forced to work harder and face different challenges. For example today we practice long-distance running at low speed, in the next exercise try running exercise or running in uphill terrain. Essentially change the speed, distance, and terrain each time the exercise so that our bodies get a different challenge.

You do not train weights

Running will indeed burn calories. But in order to burn more, we need to train our muscles because that's where the calorie burner is located. Running alone will only produce muscle endurance, but it does not build up much muscle mass.
Why Running Does Not Help Lose Weight?
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By adding weight and strength training, we build more muscle fibers so that the metabolism increases. Muscle training will also increase the ability to run, especially if the trained is the leg muscles.

If you improve your running routine and your way of life like the above suggestions, then not only the flat stomach you get but also a stronger and fitter body bonus.
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