5 Unique Scientific Facts About Sex

5 Unique Scientific Facts About Sex
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5 Unique Scientific Facts About Sex - Sex is an element in a love affair that reinforces harmony and permanence. However, you know there are some scientific findings about sex turned out to be something we did not think before. Here's the description:

High cholesterol inhibits sex

Cholesterol reduction improves sexual performance. It may sound silly that cholesterol has an effect on sex performance. But high cholesterol can cause erectile dysfunction.

According to a study conducted by Rutgers University, those who consume cholesterol-lowering drugs are more able to enjoy sex than those who do not. This only applies to those of you who have high cholesterol issues.

Do not forget hugs

University of Toronto concluded that those who do not cuddle after sex can not satisfy the partner with the maximum. Women are happy with the rituals of romance before and after sex.

The happiness of women leads to optimal sexual satisfaction. This condition is related to the release of oxytocin in the body when couples interfere with each other and make out after the sexual activity.

Sex is not dirty when we are passionate

Some people regard sex as a dirty, unhygienic, and so on. But when we are excited or aroused, then all the things that are considered dirty are gone. Sex is no longer disgusting as long as we enjoy it.
5 Unique Scientific Facts About Sex
According to research conducted at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands, when a group of women was asked to watch erotic films, sports games and neutral videos about trains, then did unpleasant activities (such as drinking from glasses of flies), it was found that those who Just watched erotic films assume drinking action is not too disgusting than those who watch different movies.

The mind determines the number of sexual partners

Some people are lucky to have more sexual activity in their lives. This condition does not mean you are a sex addict. According to the University of California in the US, the vibrations in the human brain affect the number of partners and sexual activity they get.

The researchers came to this conclusion after they scanned the brains of volunteers who were asked to see pictures of sex and were then asked to tell about their sexual lives. Apparently, volunteers whose brain is most active when viewing erotic images are people who have more sexual partners.

Sex burns more calories

This has often been conveyed in various writings and conversations, but people never know exactly how many calories are burned in sexual activity. According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Quebec, sweating in bed for one hour can burn calories equivalent to 30 minutes running.

According to the study, the average man burned 4.2 calories per minute during sexual activity, while women 3.1 calories. Overall, men and women burn about 101 and 69 calories each time they make love.
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