Eye Health Checks through Smartphone Applications

Eye Health Checks through Smartphone Applications
Eye Health Checks through Smartphone Applications - The development of technology allows you to do many things. As the existing technology in smartphones. Besides being used for communication, a smartphone can be used for various things. One was to check the health of the eye.

The team from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said that the applications on your smartphone or smartphone can be effective in testing eyesight as is done in the clinic optometrist.

The conclusion obtained from tests on 233 people in Kenya. And the result, as published in JAMA Ophthalmology showed that mobile phones can provide similar results as well as eye diagrams.

Tim from London along with their colleagues in Scotland modify the smart phone in order to develop a series of vision tests that can be used, with just a little training and is easy to carry around. Portable Eye Examination Kit (Peek) or tool portable eye examination using a camera phone to scan the eye to cataracts.

Applications sharpness or so-called 'Acuity App' using smaller letters that will appear on the screen and is used as a basic vision test. This application uses the camera light flashes to illuminate the back of the eye in order to check the existence of the disease.

The first clinical data from tests in Kenya showed the vision tests give similar results, as well as a row of the wall, mounted letter optometrist clinic. For the record, their eyes examined at home and at the eye clinic.

According to Dr. Andrew Bastawrous is leading the project, the main reason most people do not get eye care is quite simple. They are not able to access services and usually because the service is so far from where they are or are not affordable

"If we can detect those with impaired vision earlier, we have more opportunities to increase awareness and ensure they undergo appropriate treatment. Thus, a simple thing like an eyesight test can be part of the journey", explained Dr. Bastawrous.

The price for this phone is relatively cheap, at about 300 pounds. Compare this with the eye examination apparatus is quite large with a cost of 100 thousand pounds sterling.

International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness believes that this application can bring about change. Previously, they did not have a trained eye health care workers to bring eye care to poor communities. However, this tool makes it possible to be done by people who are relatively poorly trained.
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