Eyes Also Need Exercise, This Way!

Eyes Also Need Exercise, This Way!
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Eyes Also Need Exercise, This Way! - For those who frequently spend time in front of the screen gadget, it is important to always maintain eye health. For some people, staring at the screen for a long time can be painful and cause fatigue. If you are one of them, then maintain eye health should be the top priority.

Although the current condition of the eye is still pretty good, but it's important to keep doing prevention. Because maintaining the health, certainly no need to wait when sick. One preventive measure to maintain eye health is to exercise the eyes.

"Exercise is important to keep the eyes of the mechanical or optical functions. Diligent eye exercise also improves the ability to focus", said the expert eye surgeon, Dr. Keiki Mehta.

Mechanical function is the eye's ability to remain stable, with coordinate and strengthen the eye muscles. While the optical function is the eye's ability to coordinate both eyes in fixing the resulting image. Optical capabilities can cause eye 3-dimensional image sent to the brain, and finally able to make eye is able to see the object properly.

Sports eye may not reduce dependence on glasses. However, exercise is able to improve and enhance the power of the eye after a full day of use. Regular exercise will help the eyes do not feel tired and exhausted when work time is over. In addition, exercise also causes eye always be fresh when you start the day.

The following eye exercise that can be done every day:

1. Playing the eye

Turn the opposite eye and clockwise, then repeat every 30 minutes. It is very important to do, especially when sitting in front of a computer screen or studying for a long time.

2. Close your eyes with the palms

Close your eyes, then cover again with the palm of the hand. Eye closure need not be too tightly to cause pressure. This stage will relax tired eyes.

3. Focus on another object

If your eyes feel tired, you should view other objects that are further away for half a minute. When it try to fix the focus, then blinks rapidly several times. After that, change the view to other objects that are closer for 15 seconds, and flashes more rapidly for several times. Repeat this step for the currency as much as 10 times more relaxed.
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