Large Breasts are More at Risk of Cancer?

Large Breasts are More at Risk of Cancer?
Large Breasts are More at Risk of Cancer? - Breast cancer is the most disease cause of death for women. Until now not known the exact cause of breast cancer so many myths circulating about breast cancer, causing misperception.

Head of Early Detection Installation and Social Oncology Cancer Hospital Dharmais, Walta Gautama said some time ago, the myth about breast cancer can make someone afraid examined her breasts and did not know how to do early detection.

Myth: Bumps only signs of breast cancer
Lumps that you find on the breast, are not the only sign you get breast cancer.

"But if there is a lump does not mean cancer definitely. As many as 9 out of 10 breast lumps are not cancer", says Walta.

Signs are suspect as breast cancer is skin irritation, nipple pain or retraction redness or flaking of the nipple or breast skin, and the presence of nipple discharge other than breast milk, such as pus.

Myth: Mammography can cause breast cancer spread
Some say the mammography examination can make cancer spread, but it is also not true. This myth makes many women reluctant to perform mammography in the breast. In fact, mammography examinations performed to see abnormal changes in the breast using low-dose X-rays.

"Compression of the breast while performing mammography examination does not cause cancer to spread", says Walta.

Walta explained the standard recommendation is that routine mammography examination every year for women over the age of 40 years. Weakness mammography sometimes can not find cancer. This examination is generally performed in women who have had breast complaints or symptoms.

Myth: Breast size bigger risk of breast cancer
Myths that those who have large breast size at higher risk of breast cancer. In contrast, the small breast size that is less likely affected by breast cancer. However, no studies to prove this. Small and large breasts are equally at risk of developing cancer.

Myth: The use of bra trigger breast cancer
According to Walta, this myth arises due to the use of a bra is considered obstructing blood flow, triggering cancer. Especially if you use underwire bras. Numerous studies have so far did not find a link between the use of a bra and breast cancer. Including if using a bra while sleeping.

Doing breast self-examination, known as BSE regularly is a great way for early detection. The sooner cancer is found, the higher the cure rate.
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