Migraine and Heart Disease Mutual Turns Related

Migraine and Heart Disease Mutual Turns Related
Migraine and Heart Disease Mutual Turns Related - Although as two different diseases, it turns alias migraine headaches and heart disease were all related.

Women who suffer from migraines are often at greater risk of suffering a heart attack and chest pain (angina), compared with women who rarely severe headache.

Migraines in women is not a risk factor for heart disease, but also increases the risk of death associated with heart problems.

Even so, according to Burch Dr.Rebecca, T cardiologist from Harvard Medical School, in addition to migraines is still some other heart disease risk factors is greater. For example, smoking, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.

Previous research also concluded that a link between women who frequently suffer from migraines, particularly if accompanied by other symptoms such as dizziness or ringing sound in the ears, are at higher risk of suffering a stroke.

Experts do not know exactly why a migraine can make a person susceptible to heart disease. One explanation is that both conditions have the same mechanism.

"There may be different in the blood vessels of people who frequent migraines, making them vulnerable," said Burch.

To reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, begin to have a healthy lifestyle, such as controlling blood pressure, cholesterol, and a physically active lifestyle.
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