5 Mistakes In "Toilet Training"

5 Mistakes In "Toilet Training" - Teach the child to use the toilet properly do need special tricks. Parents must recognize when the child is really ready to be taught "toilet training". The pushy attitude of parents can be bad for children's development.

5 Mistakes In "Toilet Training"

Dr. Steve Hodges, child urology specialist at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center said, there are some common mistakes parents make when doing toilet training. The mistake did not only cause the child depressed but also can interfere with health. Here are some common mistakes parents make.

1. Too early
There is no definite time when children need to be taught toilet training. But doing toilet training too early can be dangerous as children aged less than three years generally do not have the ability to decide when to go to the toilet.

Hodges says, for children aged less than three years, urinary incontinence will lead to some problems such as bed-wetting and form bladder capacity is smaller.

Parents need to pay attention to signs of when your child is ready for toilet training receive, among other things he already has good motor skills, able to understand the term urinate, being able to say to the parents when they want to urinate, and so on.

2. Do not accustom
Quite often parents just do toilet training but not followed by teaching in toilet habits. Hodges said that should the parents can schedule a child for urinating, for example, about every two hours. That activity in the toilet becomes more fun for the children, he added, parents can set up a small toy in the toilet so that they are more interested and comfortable in the toilet until "matters to the rear" finish.

3. A diet lacking in fiber
Fiber is not only needed by adults, but also the child. Fiber is needed to expedite the process of urinating. Smooth defecation process will facilitate the activities of toilet training.

4. Not aware of constipation
More than 30 percent of children aged 2 to 10 years suffer from constipation. But parents often do not realize it because the symptoms are different from adults.

"In children, there are different definitions of constipation. Constipation is that when a child feces in the rectum pressure on the bladder resulting in bedwetting problem and other problems", said Hodges.

Symptoms of constipation in children are less defecation, defecation suddenly, defecated in his pants, and mild pain in the stomach with no apparent cause.

5. Ignoring infection
Urinary tract infection may occur in the child, the parents should pay attention to the signs. Pain during urination, frequent urination, and there is blood in the urine is a symptom. If parents find it, immediately take the child to the doctor.
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