9 Tricks Generating Passion Women

9 Tricks Generating Passion Women

9 Tricks Generating Passion Women - The relationship that has been running for a long time, sometimes lead to saturation and decreasing arousal. Running out of ways to tease the couple so he is getting excited? Learn tips from Men's Health below.

Sex is not a race
Sex is not a race, so you do not need to rush to finish what you started recently.

Focus on the thighs and lower abdomen. Imagine a circle at a distance of about 5 cm from outside the area intimately and that's where you have to kiss and caress you.

Give it plenty of time
If you want to have sex in the morning, set your alarm for at least 20 minutes early.
A woman does not want sex in a hurry, and he probably will need about 20 minutes to reach orgasm.

Little expression is better than none at all
Not just the men, the women also looking forward to your verbal response. Silence is absolutely not a good choice.

Give a different stimulation
You have to be creative once in a while to give her a new style stimulus. For example, the movement of your pelvis in a different way when it stimulates the sensitive area.

Hold a fantasy contest
Neither you nor your lady, write five sexual fantasies on five separate paper. Then, go to a restaurant where you can talk sex with her. During dinner, remove the paper each one by one.

You must answer: Yes, maybe later, or not, in response to a partner's sexual fantasies.

Place the papers in a box of unused shoes and grab one at random together. A paper that is taken is the winner of the paper, which means that your sex style tonight.

Sports together
Think of it as heating simultaneously burn fat. Exercise will increase the levels of dopamine and reduce the anxiety you both.

Bonus: Your sweat contains androstadienone, which is a derivative of testosterone and can be jumped right female arousal.

Give her the perfect compliment
The best compliment for a woman involving members of the body, for example, "Your breasts beautiful" or "extraordinary form of your hips".

Associating with married couples
Are you looking for a partner? Tell your fellow man or woman you married. A married man or a married woman, usually know more about the criteria for a good girlfriend and is ready to give herself to you.

Dim the lights
One of the biggest reasons women can not relax during sex is that they have a myriad of criticism against his own body.

In order for a woman you can be more relaxed, put out the lights or reduce the brightness to the room became dim. A scented candle? That's better!
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