Many Creative Ways to Help Children of Cancer Patients

Many Creative Ways to Help Children of Cancer Patients
Many Creative Ways to Help Children of Cancer Patients - Many creative ways to help the children of cancer patients. One of them likes to do PT Roche Indonesia. Pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies to raise funds independently through their employees in various ways.

"There is a 120-kilometer run. Every kilometer is sold at Rp 100 thousand. So Rp 12 million collected for donation", says Head of Corporate Affairs and Access PT Roche Indonesia, Lucia Erniawati in Jakarta, Thursday (06/16/2016).

Some employees were also there selling food cooking results themselves, juice, shoes, typography, and photography. Other unique, funds collected by way of auction shows employees are encouraged. No employee is singing, theater, to dance.

Until Thursday, the funds collected from the event Roche Children's Walk is Rp 121 885 200. These funds will then be added doubled by PT Roche, to approximately Rp 200 million.

Luci said the donation will be channeled for the treatment of childhood cancer in Indonesia, particularly to help improve the service of the children's ward at the Hospital Dharmais.

Childhood cancer specialist doctors from the hospital Dharmais, Edi Setiawan Tehuteru said that children of cancer patients does not only need treatment for the disease but also need social and psychosocial support.

That is why in the service of the hospital pediatric ward Dharmais very attentive to the psychological and social aspects of child cancer patients. Donations flowed for children of cancer patients too much in the form of activities such as watching movies, singing, to donate books to libraries in the ward.

"Donation baseball just money. Some also have expertise reflexology want to help in the children's ward. Finally, he gives free reflexology massage for parents who accompany their children to the hospital", said Edi.
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