Men, Recognize the Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Men, Recognize the Symptoms of Prostate Cancer
Men, Recognize the Symptoms of Prostate Cancer - Prostate cancer is one type of cancer most often affects men aged over 50 years. This malignant tumor appeared in the prostate, a gland in the male reproductive system.

Unlike other cancers, prostate cancer usually develops very old and not easily spread to other organs. Although there is also an aggressive type of prostate cancer.

Unfortunately, in almost no signs of prostate cancer at the beginning of its appearance. When the swollen prostate gland or has spread, new usually asymptomatic.

As quoted from that Web MD, symptoms that can be felt when a man developing prostate cancer, among others, frequent urination, especially at night, difficulty stopping the flow of urine, easy even in passing urine when laughing and coughing.

It can also feel like pain or burning sensation during urination and ejaculation, blood from urine or semen direction, until the pressure of urine flow is not smooth or discontinuous.

Even so, these symptoms can also be caused by problems with urinary tract infection or an enlarged prostate which is not due to cancer.

In prostate cancer, the symptoms may be followed by pain in the pelvis, lower back, upper thighs, and ribs.

It needs further examination of the prostate gland to determine whether there is infection or cancer.

In the periodic health examination, older men are encouraged to also check the state of his prostate gland. The risk of prostate cancer increases with age. The recommended inspection is a digital rectal examination and PSA tumor called a sign.
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