Early Detection, Save Ben Stiller of Prostate Cancer

Early Detection, Save Ben Stiller of Prostate Cancer
Early Detection, Save Ben Stiller of Prostate Cancer - Actor Ben Stiller on Tuesday revealed he had prostate cancer in 2014. The tumor that was operated on in September 2014. He was declared to be free of cancer.

According to the movie player's Night at the Museum, a blood test called PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) saved his life. He tested and treated while still in his 40s.

However, the American Cancer Society recommends the tests from the age of 50 for men like Stiller. Men at high risk, such as African American men and men had a brother, father or son diagnosed with prostate cancer should begin to be examined from the age of 45.

"This is a complex and growing problem", said Stiller that recognizes no difference advice and when to perform the test.

"In this imperfect world, I believe the best way to determine how treatment is early detection", he added.

Stiller doctors offer PSA tests when he was aged 46. The test measures how much substance the prostate specific antigen produced by the prostate. If the level is too high, it may be symptoms of prostate cancer. Most of the men checked in this test when she was 50 but Stiller agrees to undergo the test.

"I have no family history of prostate cancer and are not included in the risk group. I did not have symptoms", he wrote.

"What I experienced, I now healthy because of the attention of doctors feel my age should begin PSA levels checked", he continued.

Over the next half year, doctors still monitor PSA levels Stiller and test every six months. When the levels continue to rise, Stiller asked to check the MRI. The results are surprising. "It turns out the cancer", he said.

Prostate cancer, including cancers that commonly experienced by men in the US, according to the National Cancer Institute. These cancers include second cause of cancer death in men. This cancer usually grows slowly and often do not show symptoms.

"Finding and treating prostate cancer before symptoms develop may not improve health or add age", says the National Cancer Institute.

Stiller told the disease was detected early and can be treated. He underwent prostate biopsy results mentioned cancer including aggressive medium. The best way to be free of tumors is with surgery. Finally it was decided to do robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery to remove the cancer.

"If I wait like a suggestion the American Cancer Society to be examined at the age of 50, I may not know there is growing cancer up to two years", wrote Stiller.
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