How to Overcome Disease UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)

UTI's disease is a condition where the urinary tract that causes infections by E. coli bacteria. The disease is usually marked by symptoms: always wanted to urinate, pain during urination, cloudy urine color and urine smell bad.

UTI disease can affect anyone, regardless of age. UTI diseases, including diseases that are quite dangerous, because the disease can cause several complications. Well, talk about UTI disease, by chance, I will share information about how to cure UTI.

Because in addition to using the drug in pharmacies or drug UTI UTI prescription, but there are many ways to overcome the other UTI diseases. Well here are a few others that can be used to combat UTIs:

1. Using ginger

UTI disease can also be overcome by ginger. This is because ginger has antibacterial content so it can fight E. coli bacteria that cause UTIs disease. So to overcome ISK disease by using ginger, the way is by making ginger tea, then drink it regularly.

2. Using garlic
Garlic can also cope with UTI disease. This is because garlic contains powerful antioxidants that can kill E. coli bacteria (a major cause of illness ISK). To cope with the disease by using garlic UTI way is: enough to consume raw garlic regularly.

3. Using leaf cat whiskers
Cat's whiskers leave also can overcome the disease UTI. This is because the leaves cat whiskers has a natural ingredient that can treat infections of the urinary tract. Now, to overcome the disease ISK using leaf cat whiskers, how namely: leaf decoction consume enough water each day cat's whiskers.

Maybe that's some way to cure UTI. Hopefully, the above information can be useful, especially for those who are currently suffering from UTI.
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