Women Who are Too Long Sitting Susceptible Breast Cancer?

Women Who are Too Long Sitting Susceptible Breast Cancer? - There have been many studies that say that too much sitting can increase the risk of various diseases. Too much sitting linked to the lack of someone to move on.

Research in Sweden this time it showed that women who spend too much time sitting at high risk of developing breast cancer. They are also at risk of developing endometrial cancer or endometrial cancer.

The study involved 29,000 Swedish women aged 25 to 64 years are free of cancer. Researchers then observed the women for about 25 years.

Subjects were divided into three groups, namely the office workers who never exercise, office workers who do sports, and women who have a physically active job or more walking and standing, and exercising.

As a result, women office workers who are inactive, 2.4 times higher risk of being diagnosed endometrial cancer and breast cancer before menopause than women who are physically active at work and in her spare time.

The study was recently presented at last week's meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Philadelphia.

The results of this study also reinforce the previous study in 2014 that found an association between physical activity with risk of cancer. A study in 2014 found that each increase of two hours of sitting per day can increase a woman's risk of endometrial cancer by 10 percent and colon cancer by 8 percent.

Even in the study of 2011, 230,000 cases of breast cancer per year in the United States, an estimated 49,000 cases of breast cancer suffered by women who are inappropriately active.

According to the study, actively moving can reduce levels of molecules in the blood that is associated with cancer risk.

Anna Johnsson, an author of the study who is also a physical therapist at the Universita Lund, Sweden suggest office workers more mobile. For example, walk to go to the cafeteria, getting up to make coffee, and stretch the body in between work hours.

Reduce ask for help someone to buy food or request made coffee which you do not move from the chair.
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