Socks Make Sleep More Soundly

Socks Make Sleep More Soundly - Besides comfortable to wear when the weather is cold, wear socks while sleeping can also make sleep more soundly.

If you have not gotten any logical reason why a baby should use socks while sleeping or maybe your parents that suggest the habit, the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) to provide the answer.

The warmth of socks on your feet can actually send a signal to the brain that it is time to rest.

According to the NSF, it is because the veins in the legs began to swell (aka opening) in a process called vasodilation, which helps to distribute heat throughout the body and make you ready for sleep.

However, if you are not comfortable wearing socks at bedtime, NSF has some other suggestions to make your feet warm, that is to compress with warm water or wear slippers home 30 minutes before bedtime, in order to warm the feet naturally.
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