Tips Sleep Comfortably in Hot Temperatures

Tips Sleep Comfortably in Hot Temperatures - Cool air is comfortable for sleeping, but the heat did not have to make you have trouble sleeping. This is because there are some things that can be done to deal with the hot air that was still comfortable bed. Here are two examples.
1. Sleeping mat
For a more comfortable bed in a hot air temperature, you actually do not need to cool the entire room, but not enough beds only. According to W. Christopher Winter, sleep health experts from Men's Health used to coat a bed mattress that can absorb heat from the body will make the mattress feel cooler.

2. Cool pillow
The pillowcases were cold can make the whole thing becomes cool to sleep on. One way is by entering into a plastic pillowcase and then store it in the refrigerator for two hours before bedtime.

3. Shower
Cold shower before bed will make the body more refreshed and relaxed. Winter said, a bath can lower the body temperature, so it is ready to get a comfortable sleep.

4. Drink
Dehydration will impair sleep. Moreover, this condition is more easily occur when the body sweats as hot air. So to make sleeping more comfortable, people need to give more attention to the fulfillment of their body fluids, especially before going to bed. Similarly, according to Carol Ash, medical director of the sleep of Meridian Health in New Jersey.

5. Dim the lights
Compared in a bright room, it's easier to get a comfortable bed in a dark room when the hot weather conditions.

6. Use a loose nightdress
Nightgowns also affect the comfort of the bed, especially in hot weather. Nightgown loose with a material that is able to absorb perspiration like cotton will help you sleep more comfortably.
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